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Shri Suryan Subrahmanyan Bhattathirippad

In every generation, the lead tantric priest at Suryakaladi Mana earns the name 'Suryan'. Shri Suryan Subrahmanyan Bhattathirippad is the lead tantric expert at Suryakaladi Mana at the present generation. 

Shri Suryan Subrahmanyan attained his 'deeksha' at a very young age. He also attained 'Adideeksha' (similar to a specialization concept) when he was 23 years old. At Suryakaladi Mana, the attainment of 'Adideeksha' is a legacy while the practice is considered rare, otherwise. 

Bhattathirippad is a highly regarded scholar and practitioner in mantravadham & tantric kriyas. He has also been instrumental in initiation of many other exemplary activities. Bhattathirippad is a revolutionary among Kerala’s Namboodiris; he took the unprecedented step of allowing all castes to participate in pujas conducted at his home, Suryakaladi Mana. Following an ominous premonition supported by a sinister zodiac alignment, Bhattathirippad had, a couple of years ago, conducted the Kartyaveeryarjuna Yajnam at Chappath near Mullapperiyar in Idukki, seeking divine blessings to protect the dam. It was an impressive ritual, attended by priests from various parts of South India.

Daivavyapashraya Chikithsa & Payovardhaka Yagam

Daivya vyapashraya chikithsa is one of the three basic treatment protocols described by Ayurveda, the traditional medicinal science of India. The physical body of any human being has a defined genetic code which defines the physical organic characteristics that is being carried through generations. On other hand, the soul or the inner self contains a ‘karmic’ code which defines the inherent qualities, characteristics, personality traits etc. that is being carried from past lives to present lives and to future. Daiva vyapashraya chikithsa considers both genetic code & karmic code to formulate treatment plans. Thus, every patient becomes unique due to their differences in genetic & karmic code and so does the treatment plans for each of them.

Shri Suryan Subrahmanian Bhattathirippad has undertaken rigorous research in Daivavyapashraya Chikithsa & envisions in elevating the potential of Daiva vyapshraya chikithsa so as to benefit the treatment of various ailments in day to day life. His vision aims at envisaging a systematic approach by establishing standard practices in research & treatment using Daiva vyapashraya Chikithsa methodology and its integration with other methodologies. Bhattathirippad has conducted two ‘Payovardhakam Yagams’ in connection with his quest for Daiva vyapashraya journey. 'Payovardhakam' an endeavor focused on the healing of mind and body of people in general and cancer patients in particular ‘Payovardhakam’ is the amalgamation of the three methods of traditional healing, Satvavajaya Chikithsa, Yukthi Vyapashraya  Chikithsa and Daiva Vyapashraya Chikithsa.


The integrated approach is aimed at combining the modes of physical, psychological and spiritual healing. Satvavajaya Chikithsa is the mode of treatment used to subdue negative feelings and uplift positive ones through counseling. Yoga and meditation are used in this regard. The second one, Yukthi Vyapashraya Chikithsa deals with Ayurvedic medications for purification of body. The Daiva Vyapashraya Chikithsa includes prayers and sacred fire rituals, to provide a feeling of tranquility and to achieve a balanced mind. The latter is the most significant part of the healing

Shri Suryan Subrahmanian Bhattathirippad was also an invited speaker and has delivered enlightening speech at World Ayurveda Council & also during National seminar on Daiva Vyapashraya Chikithsa.

Suryakaladi Gangapravaham - A Unique Theerthayaathra

Water is the most important element in poojas for any 'upasana moorthy' in hindu traditional custom. The rivers in India, known as 'theerthas' were never considered to be separate entities in hindu tradition from vedic ages. But later, the concept lost its way. Suryakaladi Gangapravaham was initiated by Suryan Subrahmanyan Bhattathirippad with the motive of reviving the age old concept of unified rivers. Suryakaladi Gangapravaham is a sacred 'yathra', a journey to collect & bring water from all 'punya' rivers (sacred rivers) from across India. The initiative was started in 2002.

Nakshathra Vanam

Started by Shri Suryan Subrahmanyam Bhattathirippad which quickly gained popularity across Kerala. Every 'nakshathra' (birth star) has corresponding tress & animals associated with it. Nakshathra vanam is a sacred grove with 27 trees planted corresponding to each of the 27 nakshathras.  The initiative was inaugurated by Shri Uthradam Naal Marthandavarma Raja from Royal Travancore family.  'Every man has a tree in this world' is the unique and interesting message that the concept conveys to the world. The concept helps in establishing a close bonding, an 'Athmabandham' between man and nature. The wide gained popularity for the concept denotes the acceptance of the message.

Atma Desa Raksha Sindhu - Khardung La

To bring peace across the globe and to keep the country out of harm’s way, he carried out the installation of Lord Ganapathi in a mission named ‘Atma Desa Raksha Sindhu,’ for a new Ganesa temple to be built at Khardung La, the highest motorable pass in the world, at 18,380 ft. Khardung La is higher than Dolma pass, the highest in the Mount Kailas circle.

Bhattathirippad views this as a strategic step to spiritually protect the integrity of the nation and to bring a harmonious atmosphere across borders. “The Khardung La pass is situated close to the Siachen Glacier, which is a sensitive border area,” says Bhattathirippad. “Besides, the pass is strategic for the Indian Army. A temple at the top of the valley would encourage harmony among people. When it comes under the spiritual shield, as per Tantric rules, its power would be elevated, which would in turn lessen the possibilities of conflicts between nations.” Another objective was to pray for the protection of India’s soldiers and to ensure peace in the region through the presence of Lord Ganesa.

Bhattathirippad elucidates the spiritual aspects of the mission stating that the Lord Ganapathi who enters his Yoga Nidra (mystic sleep) immersed in snow for six months, wakes up to shower blessings on his devotees for another six months. “The whole nation is considered a human body. When Lord Ganapathi rises, the mooladhara (prime centre) of India is placed at the Sahasrara Padmam (top centre) position, which is considered as its head. As Ganapathi emerges as Sakthi, the prime cause turns the flow of life-giving waters into a shower of blessings for all,” he says.

The strategic importance of the temple is that it stands at the point Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and India meet—which is where Lord Ganapathi is seated.

Vanchakalpalatha Yagam

Vanchakalpalatha Yagam is one of the rarest of rarest yagams performed. The yagam is performed to accomplish all desires. Vanchakalpalatha Yagam was performed by Shri Suryan Subrahmanyan Bhattathirippad at Suryakaladi Mana.

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