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Suryakaladi Mana, entrusted with responsibility of tantric rites & mantravadam by Lord Parasurama, is considered to be the 'Final Word' in 'Mantra Shastra' from ancient times. 

Centuries back, 'Surya Deva' - the Sun God, blessed the Bhattathiri of Kaladi Mana and handed over a book of secret powerful mantras & tantric methods...


Suryakaladi Mana is also the abode of

Sree Maha Ganapathy, who resides in the Nalukettu

The chief tantric expert from every generation is known as
'Suryakaladi Mana Suryan Bhattathirippad'.
The present chief at Suryakaladi Mana is

Suryakaladi Mana & The Present Chief

Suryakaladi Mana is an age-old family and was entrusted with the responsibilities of conducting Tantric rites and Mantravadam (Science of Mantra). Mana, the abode of brahmins is usually the centre of culture, education and scale of wisdom. In Kerala these manas were said to be established by Lord Parasurama inorder to fabricate a new texture of social customs and traditions. Namboothires from north. Were brought by him as a part of this novel concept. Suryakaladimana, one of the six richest focal points of ‘mantra’ practitioners is renowned for mantravada, the science of Mantra and for Ganesha worship. This Mana, situated in Nattassery, Kottayam Dist, Kerala is enriched with glorious tradition and legends is believed to have been instituted by Lord Parasurama.

The legend goes that Lord Surya appeared infront of an ancestor of this mana and blessed him with a divine text (Grantha) containing many secret mantras and their proper applications. One male child in each generation is titled “Suryan” as a reminder of his ancestor’s tryst with God.The name Suryakaladi owes its incomparable orgin from this illuminating episode of history. 

Suryakaladi Mana is an ancient abode of Lord Maha Ganapathy.In Suryakaladi mana, the vision of Mahaganapathi is a tri-juncture of Siva, Vaishnava and Sakteya traditions. Vibhoothi Devi, the wife of Maha Ganapathy is seen sitting on lord’s lap. Vibhoothi Devi, is none other than the chaithanya of Lakshmi Devi. The dignified presence of Malva Vishnu, Lakshmi Devi, Maheswar, Parvathi Devi, Lord Varaha, Bhoomidevi, Rati and Manmadan lends illuminating power to the temple and the mana. While Lakshmi Devi lavishes boundless prosperity Parvathi supplies all rare skill to enrich and ennoble life. Maha Ganapathy mantra practiced is a rare and transcendent combination of ‘Beejas’ of sree, ‘sakthi’, and ‘kama ’,‘ varada, and ‘Ganesha’ .These unique combination transforms the Mana into an elegant seat of super human power. A devotee who seeks the blessing of the lord whole heartedly is never disappointed. At Suryakaladimana, Ganapathi Homam (Haven) is conducted in front of the lord everyday for centuries without fail. it is the unique feature of this mana that Maha Ganapathi is situated at the centre of Sun God (Surya Mandala Madyastham) and hence here Ganapathi Homam can be performed only after sunrisewhere as same is performed before sunrise everywhere

The actual age of Mana is unknown but the present palatial building was built as an offering by King Swathi Thirunal and finds frequent references in the history, literature and vedic concepts of Kerala. The Nampoothiries of Surya Kaladi Mana belong to the ‘Vishishtar’ category of Nampoothiries who came after their upper most classification or Azhvaanchery Thamprakkal (the supreme spiritual head of Nampoothiries) and the eldest male member of the family is always known as Suryan Bhattathiri. Surya Kaladi Mana is known for their renowned ancestors who were great taantriks or those who perform the 'Tantram'.

Shri. Suryan Subrahmanyan Bhattathirippad

The present chief at Suryakaladi Mana is Shri. Suryan Subrahmanyan Bhattathirippad. 

Suryakaladi Mana
Tel: 0481 231 2089, +91-9447223569
Kottayam, Kerala 686006

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